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Family mansion – accommodation at Svitiaz and Shatsk Lakes of Volyn. Reasonable prices, great location, room reservation.

Places to stay

We offer a comfortable stay in a modern two-room apartment with all amenities, kitchen (equipped with everything necessary for cooking) and balcony. Apartment is located in the village Gaivka (territory of the sanatorium "Forest Song"), designed for 4 - 6 people. To Lake Pisochne - 150 m.
Also at your service cottage "Green Comfort" for 11 people or separate rooms (2-bed and 4-bed) and apartments "In Taras and Darina" in the village Melnyki.

Price - from 850 UAH / day.

Volyn region, Shatsk district, Hayivka, Pisochna str. 1
+38 096 74 68 277
+38 097 38 016 38, +38 063 415 80 73
Добрий день!Скажіть будьласка 600 грн то до 6 чоловік правильно я зрозумів?і чи є стоянка в вас?4 дорослих і 3 дітей діти можуть спати з батьками відповідь прошу надіслати мені на пошту дякую
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