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Svityaz Lake (Svityaz) - Rytets Lake (Koshary) - Pulemetske Lake (Pulemets).

Duration: 4 hours.

Do you want to get unusual impressions and  drive on Soviet jeep Gas – 69? Do you want to visit the impenetrable forests of Shatsk`s National Natural Park? Then welcome  - this tour is for you.

It will be a real expedition and you will see the wildlife of this lake district. Everything will be like in a real rally, because the vast majority of roads will pass through the forests and swamps. But don`t be afraid – it will be very interesting, because you`ll  get acquainted with the whole necklace of lakes, all of which will impress you by their unique landscapes.

We`ll guarantee a good impressions, wonderful photos and meetings with new friends! And all this with pleasant memories stay with you forever!

Contact numbers: 
+38 093 484 84 85
+38 068 626 87 43

Route map