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Painting of clothes by Olena Pinkovska
Painting of clothes by Olena Pinkovska

Meet Olena Pinkovska, a professional artist from the village of Svityaz, which knows many techniques of fine and decorative arts. Her special hobby is painting on fabric. She mastered this technique while studying at the university at the Faculty of Culture and Arts. At present, many people wear clothes with prints created by Olena on Shatsk`s Lakes and in different cities of Ukraine. She also conducts master classes in the children's entertainment studio "NaVeVaKa" with diligence and love trying to meet the requirements of the most demanding client. Any thing decorated with such a hand-painting, will become a favorite in your wardrobe. Preference is given to T-shirts of excellent quality, which painted only acrylic paints designed for fabric painting, they are environmentally friendly and safe. A painted T-shirt or other clothes will be a good souvenir in memory of a holiday on the Shatsk`s Lakes. So let's be stylish and modern together. You can make a personal order on the social network or by phone: +380976183604.