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Cheeses and sweets from Mrs. Larysa
Cheeses and sweets from Mrs. Larysa

Cheeses and sweets from Mrs. Larysa

During any vacation or trip, we try not only to buy various souvenirs in memory, but also we want to try the culinary masterpieces that are specific to this region. Shatsk`s lakes are known not only for their fish and fish dishes, but also for their own cheeses and sweets made by a resident of the village of Svityaz - Larysa Shelukha.

High-quality cheese is very good for our health. Mrs. Larissa has mastered the production of cheeses, including gouda, cachchota, Italian, Swiss, with white or green mold, brie, Camembert, as well as candies from Belgian chocolate and hard cheeses. Cheeses are made from high-quality, natural milk collected from local private farms, so they are environmentally friendly and very good to your health and well-being.

Take care of a delicious holiday on the Shatsk`s lakes !!!                

Detailed information by phone: +38 067 975 25 39