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Underwater tours on Shatsk`s Lakes (freediving)

Diving takes you into the depths of the lake Svityaz. If you are lucky – you`ll see flocks of different fishes, and maybe even meet a rare fish - eel. You will be able to swim through the jungle of algae (there are over 50 species!) And get the thrill seeing the underwater world of Shatsk`s Lakes!

Freediving – is a kind of diving in which a person is immersed in water in a single gulp of air. It is almost breathing art that blends intellectual discipline and the science of physiology. Holding your breath and diving in the water can change your life. Children instinctively do it for fun while taking a bath or in the pool, but as we get older, we forget the simple pleasures.

Freediving - one of the most popular sports, but it is more than sport. This activity combines the science about the body and mind for creating an unforgettable experience that is fun and completely fascinating. You ticking seconds and measure the distance in meters, learn to manage internal breathing. Freedivers actually do not use any equipment.  They need only faith in themselves and in those who follow them.

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