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Folk band «Molodychky»

Folk band "Molodychky" was established in 1983 in the town of Shatsk, Volyn region, Ukraine. The founder and director is the director of Shatsk`s Local Centre of Culture Vyrovych Nina.

In 2001 the group "Molodychky" was awarded the title of folk band. The repertoire consists of more than thousands of different songs: Ukrainian folk songs, family, ritual, regional, modern songs, and Polish folk and modern songs, and also songs to the words and music of the founder of a band "Molodychky" Vyrovych Nina.

The folk band "Molodychky" was the participant and the winner of many regional, national and international festivals. For example: festival "Ukrainian Village Invites" (Museum Pyrogovo, Kyiv), the festival "Polissyan Wedding" (Zhytomyr),   Mashkin Festival (Irshava, Zakarpatska region), festival "Beregynia" (Lutsk), an international festival "Christmas carols and songs on the Bug" (Wlodawa, Poland), international festival "Nadbuzhanska besida" (Slavatychi, Poland),  festival "Day of Earth" (Kelce, Poland), festival "Ethnic summer" (Ternopil), festival "Galician crossroad" (Rava-Ruska, Lviv region). They performed their concerts in Truskavets, Brest (Belarus) and in other cities of Ukraine and Poland.

The folk band "Molodychky" has in its program ordinances of Ukrainian wedding, Harvest holiday, Holiday of picking berries, Green Holiday, Kupala Holiday and Wertep Show.

The folk band "Molodychky" provides cultural and recreational services to the participants of conferences, corporate events, weddings. Actively cooperate with travel agency "Svityaz Active".

Phone Contact:
+38 098 489 67 43
+38 050 444 92 10
- Vyrovych Nina

Молодички — Гарна молодичка
Молодички — Гаю зелененький
Молодички — Чорна хмара
Молодички — Чи то буря
Молодички — Був у мене чоловік