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Geographical information
Shatsk`s Lakes are situated in the far northwest corner of Ukraine. Administratively the whole group of lakes located in the Shatsky district, Volyn region, which borders with the Republic of Poland in the west , and with the Republic of Belarus in the north. Shatsk`s National Park, which is on the territory of the district, was formed in 1983 (the area is about 49 000 ha.). There are 23 different lakes in its territory.

The largest of them are Svityaz, Pulemetskie, Liutsymer, Luky, Peremout, Pisochne, Black Large, Krymne and others. Cascade of the lakes is one of the largest lake groups in Europe. They are classified as wetlands of international importance and protected under the Ramsar Convention requirements. The biggest among the lakes of Shatsk`s National Natural Park is Svityaz.
He is often called "Ukrainian Baikal”, because it is the deepest (58, 5 m) and the cleanest (water clarity – 5-8 m) lake in Ukraine. Ponds of Shatsk`s National Park are rich in various fish species. The largest local delicacy is eel - stranger from the Sargasso Sea. Also in common there are carp, pike, perch, bream, tench, catfish, bullhead Canadian and many others (total - about 30) species. Extremely rich are flora and fauna of Shatsk`s Lakes district. There are 28 species of plants included into Red Data Book of Ukraine. Also there are about 100 species of representatives of medical flora. In general, in the territory of National Park grows over 800 species of higher vascular plants.

The vast majority of the surrounding woods - pine, are also quite common birch, alder, oak and other tracts of mixed species of timber. The wildlife of the surrounding forests, wetlands and meadows are also very rich. Quite common in the Shatsk`s National Park are wild boar, elk, deer, fox, muskrat, rabbit and others. The Red Data Book of Ukraine include: otter, ermine, badger, cane toad and others. Cascade of the lakes are famous for rich waterfowl. Here there are various kinds of wild ducks, swans, wild geese, gray and white heron, gray crane, black stork and many others representatives of the feathered world. Overall in the Shatsk`s National Park are found 27 species of birds listed in the Red Data Book of Ukraine. The coast areas near the lakes Svityaz and Pisochne are very developed as a recreation places. There are many resorts, boarding houses and private cottages near these lakes. All lakes in Shatsk`s National Park are interesting and good for rest, but each of them is special, attractive and unique.