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Sanatorium "Forest Song"

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Description and location

Sanatorium "Forest Song" is located on the shores of Lake Pisochne, whose water is rich in silver and glycerin. The ecologically clean zone (the nearest industrial centers are 100 km away from the "Forest Song"), the temperate climate, the pristine beauty of nature create excellent conditions for recreation throughout the year. At the sanatorium, guests can enjoy a powerful medical base, saunas, restaurant, billiards, bar, hairdresser's, pharmacy, parking lot. Sanatorium has the highest accreditation category and the certificate ISO9001: 2015 DSTU ISO9001: 2015. The territory of the sanatorium is more than 17 hectares.


The sanatorium can simultaneously heal 420 people. Rooms of economy class, high comfort, suites, houses - all for the services of holidaymakers.


In the sanatorium "Forest Song" successfully treat diseases of the cardiovascular system, respiratory organs, gastrointestinal tract, nervous system, skin (psoriasis). Traditional treatment with modern equipment is harmoniously combined with phytotherapy, manual therapy, homeopathy, hirudotherapy, peat mud treatment, ozocerite, ozonotherapy, salt mine. An excellent addition to the treatment are sessions of psychological discharge, music and aromatherapy, underwater and hydrolasic souls, gym and therapeutic exercises, various massages, Tibetan sauna. In general, the treatment and diagnostic department has more than 40 procedures. The "Forest Song" sanatorium has modern diagnostic and medical equipment. Conduct counseling doctors: therapeutist, neurologist, cardiologist, pulmonologist, psychologist, gynecologist, manual therapist, homeopathist.


Comprehensive herbal treatment at the "Forest Song" sanatorium is various phytochemicals, oxygen phytococtails, phytoapplications (with buckwheat, clover, herbs), phyto-inhalation, phytogalvanotherapy (with chestnut, valerian) , gynecological phyto-irrigation (with chamomile, calendula). For medical purposes, about 100 species of various herbs that are harvested in environmentally friendly areas, as well as honey from own apiaries are used.


There are five rehabilitation departments in the sanatorium: neuro-rehabilitation, rheumatologic diseases, cardio-pulmonary rehabilitation, medical-psychological rehabilitation, cardio-pulmonary rehabilitation.


In the dining room of sanatorium can eat at the same time 480 vacationers. For celebratory events and festive dinners there is an excellent restaurant for 100 places.


Rest in the sanatorium fully satisfies the tastes of the guests. In summer, of course, all prefer bathing in the lake, solar procedures, boat and catamarans, walks to the forest. For those who like more active recreation, there is a beach volleyball court, table tennis, billiards and gym. Those wishing to spend time with the book will impress the local library with the works of Ukrainian and foreign authors for every taste. In the cinema hall, you can watch movies or dance in the dance hall. The guests of the sanatorium have a great opportunity to visit many excursions, including the territory of Shatsk National Park, visit the museum of Lesia Ukrainka in the village of Kolodiazhne, the residence of the Volyn princes, the millennial city of Volodymyr-Volynskiy, the Lubart Castle in Lutsk, the Brest Fortress, the reserve "Belovezhskaya Pushcha". Guests of the sanatorium will surely please the folk ensemble "Forest song", and many other interesting artistic groups.



Volyn region, Shatsk`s district



+38 03355 95 606

+38 096 798 32 21


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Volyn region, Shatsk`s district, Haivka
+38 03355 95 606
+38 096 798 32 21