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The weekend tour “The Lake Maze” – recreation, tours to the Svityaz lake and Shatsk's lakes of Volyn. Good service, reasonable prices!
Boating Tour Labyrinth of Lakes

Route: Svityaz Lake – Chorne Lake – Liutsymer Lake

Duration: 3 - 4 hours. 


+38 068 227 11 28
+38 067 665 63 38

Among us there are always people who want to feel like a real adventurer and traveler, and take appropriate steps to overcome obstacles that arise during the trip.

All this you can try at a special boating - walking tour and connect with four known elements: air, water, earth and fire. Healing air - will improve your health, water - wash away all the worries and troubles, earth - add vitality and fire will warm or cook food.

The route of this tour passes through different three lakes, and thus you will be able to try fishing luck. Also you will feel like a treasure hunter -  with the help of the map you will need to find the secret characters and unravel a coded message that will help you to get back home. 

Let us seek adventures together!

Route map
Якщо хочет отримати незабутнi враження, обов'язково замовте екскурсiю на човнах!!!
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